Diabetes Supplies at Medical Product Supplies.

CountyMedicalSupplies.com offers diabetic supplies for every part of Diabetes treatment - from skin prep and test strips to lancets and infusion devices.  Being diabetics need to be diligent when it comes to monitoring their status, you need to make sure you have the right items to do that.  It is our goal to offer you the best selection of those items at the most affordable cost possible.

Medical Product Supplies feature diabetic testing supplies such as diabetic test strips, glucose test strips, SureStep test strips, cholesterol test strips, FreeStyle test strips and blood glucose test cartridges. Test strips are available for diabetic glucose monitoring from name brands such as Abbott Diabetes Care, Accu-Chek, Aga Matrix, Bayer, Home Diagnostics, Heritage Labs, Invacare, LifeScan, MediSense, Roche and Therasense.  We also carry durable diabetes supply carrying cases and sharps disposal products.

Glucose Monitors should be used for tracking and control of diabetes. Medical Product Supplies provides diabetic test kits and cholesterol test kits including diabetes care kit, blood glucose monitoring system, Accu-chek, blood glucose monitoring kit, diabetic meter, diabetic glucose monitor and blood glucose testing system. Discount glucose monitor and diabetic testing kits are readily available.

Medical Product Supplies also lists a full selection Insulin Safety Syringes, Sterile Insulin Syringes and Lo Dose Insulin Syringes at othe best online prices.